Pro Plus Ads

Advanced features + ad automation
to scale your brand.

Robust Amazon advertising platform

Advanced solutions for 

product research, keyword research, competitor monitoring & listing optimization

Customizable automations to monitor and adjust bids, budgets and campaigns 24/7

$8 billion+

225 million+


Sales Driven

Products Tracked

Brands Grown


Advanced Advertising Solutions

Customizable Ad Automations

Automate bid, budget and campaign adjustments to save time and increase your advertising impact

Freely customize your own automations or start with 

easy-to-use templates

Automatically monitor and adjust your campaigns 24/7

More Data. Better Monitoring.

Monitor organic and advertising performance in one central dashboard

Track keyword movement across each of your campaigns to continuously optimize results

Create, monitor and optimize all campaigns in the Viral Launch ecosystem

Advanced Solutions for:

Product Research

Competitor Monitoring

Keyword Analysis

Listing Optimization

Find the best products to sell.

Competitor Monitoring

Keyword Analysis

Listing Optimization

Instantly filter through millions of Amazon products

Monitor competitors to reverse-engineer successful strategies

Create your best product listings & maximize Amazon SEO with guided listing creation and keyword suggestions

Use search volume to locate high-priority keywords and research what customers are searching for

Access crucial market statistics such as monthly revenue, sales & search volume

Automatically track rank movement and performance across thousands of keywords

Confidently locate high-potential markets that will kickstart your business

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"Love the product. Just Starting on FBA business and our product is making it very easy. Thank you for the help."

"Simply amazing! Love the platform and customer support is excellent! Highly recommend!"

-Flavio Soares

-Stiliyan Kostadinov

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"After using both Jungle Scout and Viral Launch, I can say I am definitely recommending Viral Launch! One of the things I value in a company is its customer support, and they are the best!"

"I've been using Viral Launch for over a year now and it's truly an invaluable piece of software if you are just beginning selling on Amazon or are a 7-figure seller. Thank you!"

-Ori Shilon

-Mia Rose Mariconda

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